Thursday 31 May 2012

The Taint of Chaos

For all practical reasons, Jamakeer is beyond the reach of the Inquisition, and so Chaos has reared its ugly head. Still secretive and hidden, its insidious taint has lead to the formation of a number of chaos cults in the area in and around Port Imperiale.

Based, as the city is, around decadence and violence, these are primarily aimed at the worship of Khorne and Slaanesh, though the planet-wide pollution and decay has also lead to the creation of a cult devoted to Nurgle, the Lord of Pestilence, and even a suspected cult of Khaine, the long-forgotten god of murder. Their temples are usually hidden deep in the labyrinthine tunnels below the Port, away from prying eyes. As well as acquiring unwitting victims to sacrifice to their Dark Gods, they are also constantly at odds with each other, leading to secret wars between cults that occasionally burst out into the open, which are then ruthlessly crushed by the Black Guards.

Whilst there are probably many more secret cults on Jamakeer yet to be discovered, the three that have attracted the most attention recently are The Council of Six, The Bladed Brotherhood and The Cryptocracy.

The Council of Six – Named specifically to mock the ruling Council of Nine, The Council of Six is the planet's main cult devoted to Slaanesh. Ensnaring both new worshippers and unwilling victims in the seedier drug dens and fleshpots of Port Imperiale, they carry them off to a network of holding pens before transporting them, underground, to their main temple, located in the remains of an abandoned underground settlement out in the wastelands, known to them as Nu-Gomorrah. Probably the largest Chaos cult on Jamakeer, its grip on the Port is becoming more noticeable, and is the Black Guard's main priority.

The Bladed Brotherhood – This is the major cult devoted to worshipping Khorne on Jamakeer. Responsible for myriad murders, they usually operate in small groups, abducting victims under the cover of darkness, and sacrificing in their temple deep in the darkest recesses of the tunnel system, known to them as 'The Cave of Blood'. Little is known of the temple, other than from the reports of cultists interrogated under torture, that it was created by a truly ancient race, and lined with the bones of thousands of sacrifices.

The Cryptocracy – A relatively recent cult on Jamakeer, this group worships Nurgle, the Lord of Decay. Living somewhere out in the polluted and toxic wastelands, little is known of the group beyond the fact they occasionally raid Port Imperiale in small groups, during the times when the blinding, toxic dust storms envelop the city so they can make off with their victims. Their bodies, occasionally recovered after a firefight during these raids, are covered in scars and pestilence, and draped in tattered, hooded robes.