Saturday 5 November 2022

The D'Oberoc Company, a Nordland Mercenary warband.

So, it's been a bit of a dry spell on the painting front, as summer tends to get in the way of sitting inside all day and painting, but I've finally finished a small(ish) warband project I've been working on occasionally for a while now.

This time it's another project tangentially related to my Altheim project. Altheim is based in Nordland, and so these guys are a small mercenary warband based in Nordland, the D'oberoc Company

The D'Oberocs mustering their company on the main Altheim square

More photos after the cut...

Friday 11 February 2022

Nomad Carl the Zone Tripper, a Necromunda Hired Gun.

So, related to my previous post about the Nomad exploration vehicle, next up is Carl, a Nomad guide, and his Mark XIII servo skull:

"The Glass Flats, The Judas Sea, I go all over"

Carl is a mysterious, almost legendary figure, a Nomad 'Zone Tripper'. He travels the most dangerous areas of the Ash Wastes with his Mark XIII servoskull, searching out the hidden locations of salvageable artifacts. He takes what he can carry back then sells his services as a guide to other Nomads of the Scrapper Guild, so they can then strip out the rest of the salvageable items for recycling and sale. 

More photos and background after the cut...

Thursday 10 February 2022

Ash Wastes Nomads Exploration Vehicle.

 As you can probably tell by the gap between updates, I'm not getting as much painting done as I really want to at the moment, but i did manage to get a vehicle finished after seeing the rumours about the Ash Wastes getting some treatment in Necromunda:

this is a follow on from my previous Ash Wastes Nomads post, so they have the start of a vehicle convoy to allow them easier travel through the wastelands. 

Not only that, but they now have a mysterious guide, Carl, but more of him later...

As usual, more pics after the cut...