Friday 24 December 2021

2021: A hobby retrospective.

 This post is a bit of a look back on what I actually managed to get painted in 2021, as tbh, it felt like I didn't get much done, but I got more done than I originally thought, in retrospect. 

My one big project this year was these Greenskins: 

but there's more about them later. 

The year was hindered somewhat for about a quarter of it by having problems with my medication, so looking back, what I got done in about nine months was even more productive!

Lots more photos and stuff after the cut...

Monday 15 November 2021

Back in the swing of things: Eldar diplomatic landing party

I'm finally able to paint again, which pleases me immensely, and in between catching up on commission work, I've been working on a small group of Eldar to ease me back into painting, and this is what I've got done so far: 

As usual, more details after the cut:

Wednesday 6 October 2021

A quick explanation for my lack of updates.

 Hi all, just wanted to give a quick update as to my recent online silence, here at least. 

I'm still here, but I've been in the process of changing pain medication, which has unfortunately had the side effect of making my hands shake too much to paint. I'm now in the process of changing back to the original medication, but with them being quite powerful drugs, these things take time. 

In the meantime I've finally had the chance to play with the 3d printer I bought earlier this year and made a start on learning Blender, so I can actually design things I want to paint! 

For my first project I decided to make a 40k version of the LeHaitre tracked motorbike/thing from the 1930s, which is this: 

As you can see, it's a pretty wacky looking thing to start with, and I thought it would suit 40k really well. I specifically wanted to use them for a small Tallarn project I've been thinking about doing for years, with them working as a ww2 Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) reconnaissance and raiding style unit. 

Once I'd had the idea, I went on a search around the internet to see if anyone else had already made one of these, but it didn't look like they had, so obviously I decided to do it myself. 

As for the modelling, I've never done any 3d design before, so I probably went in at the deep end a bit with this, but after a few weeks on and off, (I'm limited to 30-45 mins max at the pc before my left arm goes numb, so learning anything takes a while these days!) I finally came up with a prototype: 

the twin bolters I found online for free, and the baggage and legs are from file sets I bought. Hopefully the paid files will just be placeholders for a time until I get my head around sculpting organic objects and I can replace them. once I'd got the basics done, I decided to work on a Tallarn variant: 

I swapped out the RT bolters for a multi-laser, and the rider for a Tallarn style one I heavily converted from one I found online. I then decided to make variants of the riders, and do a variant with a towbar so it can pull the wheeled heavy weapons: 

The guy on the left is now holding a 2nd Ed 40k era Bolter, and the heavy weapon (unassembled so far, it's been sat with the rest of the project for years now!) can latch onto the back if wanted. 

So, yeah, that's basically what I've been up to. I must admit, I'm pretty happy with how far I've managed to get with it, both with the design, and the quality of the printed results. Now I just need to finalise the design to make it print more easily and fit together a bit better and I'm done. Eventually I'd like to replace the proprietary parts in order to perhaps put it up for sale, but I'm not sure about that yet, it's a bit niche, and can't see many people wanting it so it's a lot of effort for very little return.  

Anyway, next stop paint! (when my hands stop shaking.)

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Do What Thou Wilt... Perdurabo and Choronzon arrive at the Port.

Another couple of ne'er-do-wells have arrived at the Port on an unsanctioned transporter, the notorious Rogue Psyker known as Perdurabo, and his Xenos sidekick, Choronzon:

(Also, sorry for yet another long delay in updating, I've been working on commission jobs recently, and they're all fairly modern and not in keeping with the theme of the blog, so I've not bothered putting them up in here!) 

More details and photos of the models after the cut, as usual...

Wednesday 7 April 2021

A Squat Inquisimunda Warband (with an unusual associate!)

Time for another fun little project, this time a small Squat warband I've just finished as a commission (hence the lack of basing, the client will be doing that.)

6 Squats, and an Eldar Trader, an unusual mix to be sure, but they work together surprisingly well I think:

 More pics and info after the cut! 

Saturday 27 February 2021

Citadel DS9 Dwarf Dragon Slayer

 Long time no see, all! Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've not done much recently due to real life rearing it's ugly head and getting in the way. 

Anyway, I'm back now, and here's another little vignette piece I've done recently. This time it's the best of both worlds, a Perry dwarf with a Nick Bibby dragon head! 

This is a wonderful little set and so much fun to paint. There's a bunch more photos after the cut...