Monday 17 December 2012

The Jamakeer Mining Company

The Jamakeer Mining Company, or JMC, is a small, independent Squat mining group that use Jamakeer as their base of operations, due to the freedom it gives them from Imperial interference. Though they largely operate within the law, they do not send any Imperial Tithes to Terra, and so actively avoid contact with official representatives of the Imperium wherever possible to maintain the best Profit Factor.

Whilst not pirates, they tend to scavenge weapons and equipment wherever they are able, frequently from ships disabled by more ruthless inhabitants of Jamakeer, giving them a wide variety of weaponry and equipment. The main obvious identifying feature is the blue uniform, and the JMC logo, which is shown on all vehicles, and frequently somewhere on their uniforms.

Shown above (in the centre) is the current head of the JMC, Gromrek Berginssen, backed up by a 5 squat survey team. Armed with a wide variety of weaponry, including a fearsome scavenged Shuriken Catapult, they are easily able to defend themselves from any hostilies that may come their way. Transport is provided by the Small shuttle, 'Big Bertha', itself armed with a multilaser.

Whilst not a solely Squat enterprise, the JMC is, by and large, mainly comprised of Squats. As their ships have been adapted to their size, Humans tend to find them cramped and uncomfortable, but Ratlings can frequently be found amongst their crew rosters.

Other pirates in the Jamakeer area tend to ignore the JMC, knowing them to be well armed, capable fighters, and not carrying much of immediate value, though Orks have been known to attack them for sport (and food), so there is a degree of animosity there.