Friday 23 May 2014

How to ruin a perfectly good £50 kit in one easy lesson. (WIP)

or, 'Oops, I got distracted again'...

Suffering as I do with the wargamer's equivalent of ADHD, I wasn't content with just getting on with my PDF/IG army, so I fancied building/converting something.

I decided in the end to make a start on another space freighter for Port Imperiale. Long story short, I had a spare Stormraven knocking around, from my currently postponed Space Marine army, and having seen one too many episodes of 'Space 1999', I wanted to make an Eagle Transporter style ship to carry for the Sarissa Containers I picked up a while ago.

After cutting the Stormraven in half, I used a few spare Necromunda bulkheads as spacers, along with a few extra detailing parts to hide the chop. I was never that keen on the original 'dumpy' Stormraven, and actually think the proportions look a lot better when it's elongated. I also left most of the weapons off, as y'know, it's a transporter, not a shooty war-wagon.

It's not finished yet, the next problem to solve is how to make the container easily removable, and add some more details, then it's a paint job for it and the crew, which are from the excellent

More pics as and when I get it finished!

Friday 16 May 2014

And a few other denizens of the Port...

Forgot to put these at the end of my last post, but here's a few other odd paint jobs I've finished recently...

This guy's an old Citadel ninja that was damaged, so I've turned him into an alien assassin, with the aid of some weapons and some Vic Minis breathing apparatus.

Thursday 8 May 2014

The end of the world, or my other hobby love.

Well, one of 'em, is Post Apocalyptic wargaming, specifically 28mm skirmish wargaming. Most of you probably aren't aware, but a long time ago, I co-wrote a wargame called Babylon's Burning, and even produced a range of figures for it. Mediocre figures, it had to be said, but still. (The game's actually still available HERE, if you're that way inclined, but this post isn't meant to be selling anything!)

The game was based around the San Francisco area, after a devastating meteor destroyed pretty much everything, raising the sea level and killing off the vast majority of the world's population, after the dust in the atmosphere blocked off the sun for years, and caused global famine etc. Fun huh?

Anyway, being a Cold War era kid, I've always had a soft spot for Mad Max style gaming, so here's a few photos of some of the scenery and figures I've painted up for it.