Wednesday 1 April 2015

So, I broke two personal rules today...

The first rule being I never buy anything pre-slotta. Ever. My primary collecting habits are Citadel between 1985 and 1991, so that's all slotta-based stuff. It's a short and slippery slope to buying piles of old chod that looks like lumps of rancid turd. Yes, there were some good sculptors working in the pre-slotta era, but there was an awful lot of 'that'll do' going around at the time. I like a certain naivety about my sculpts, I collect Citadel stuff after all, but there's a big leap from 'charm' to 'what the hell is that meant to be?' that I spot far too often in the darker recesses of the Citadel back-catalogue.

The second personal rule being I don't buy complete ranges in one go. To a certain degree it kind of spoils the fun of the chase, which is part of the attraction of collecting Citadel figures for me. Also, I'm not a range completist at all, I buy figures to suit the armies I'm creating at the time. 

So, having broken those two rules, these are what turned up in the post today:

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