Friday 31 July 2015

A Rogue Trader 40k Scenario - Cereal Killers From Planet RTB01

I thought I'd put up the details for the participation game that Gadge and Andy (Of Tales From The Maelstrom) and myself put together and demo'ed for a Rogue Trader day a few years ago. It's designed from 2-7 players, along with a GM. 
Hopefully there's enough info here for anyone to play this game, or one based on it, but here's a few photos of the game in action, to start with: 

Setting up the table, and getting ready:

The main opposing forces advance on each other:

Eldar war-droids encounter vicious local fauna:

Governor Kellogs PDF army, preparing to put up a fight:

...and getting one:

If you want to run this game in any way, all the details are after the cut:

Monday 6 July 2015

Only Fools and Ambulls... or: Market stalls, a handy how-to guide.

As part of my ongoing Port Imperiale project, I wanted to build a bustling marketplace for contraband as a centrepiece for the settlement. I wanted it to basically be a sci-fi version of a mediaeval market, so it needs to be chaotic, and above all, look crowded and busy.

I was going to buy some of the many laser-cut mdf offerings, but decided to have a look through my bits boxes and see if I could scratchbuild anything easily. It was then that I found something that made it very easy indeed.