Saturday 12 November 2016

René's Bombardiers - Halfing Army update!

So, I got bored (already!) with painting '68 pattern DPM at 28mm scale, so moved on briefly to paint up a unit of Halflings for my ongoing army.

I'd like you to meet René's Bombardiers...

More after the cut...

Friday 11 November 2016

A short update: Some good news!

So, just a little update, but one that made me very happy recently, especially as I'm still struggling a bit with my recovery.

Another member of the Oldhammer community (Thanks Matte!) sent over some pics of my craft to Forgeworld HQ to show them what can be made out of FW bits. They were so impressed they asked me to get in touch with them to show their appreciation, which I did, and they UPS'd me over a Captain for it the very next day!

So here he is:

All shiny and boxed up! 

He's a limited edition Knight Scion, Standing. Only available if I remember correctly, if you pre-ordered one of the Forge World Knights and now long unavailable.

And just to prove I'm not totally ungrateful and chuck him on eBay for a quick profit, I've taken him out and given him a quick soap wash already, and about to give him an undercoat: 

He's a lovely figure, and will make a great Captain for the Pride of Jamakeer, I just need to work out how to fit the Red Star Lines' colour scheme into his uniform.

So yeah, thanks Forge World, you've really surprised me with your generosity, and cheered me up after a week or so of shitty news and events!

Thursday 3 November 2016

The Magnificent Zeven!

Not a huge amount to report this time, but I finally finished my Zoat Mercenary contingent. I've had these sat around for a long time in a drawer, and they eventually reached the top of the painting list. It's a quick n' dirty paint job, couple of blues and a wash, with the weaponry and armour done up in bone, so it looked like it was grown, rather than created.

There's the leader, two heavy weapons and four bolter troopers in total. A couple of light conversions, the leader's been given a chainsword and shoulder pad armour, and I made the heavy weapon trooper look like he was rearing up to give a better pose, that's pretty much it.

Although I've had a good run recently, I'm suffering a bit from 40k burnout, so I'm taking a step back from RT for a short while to work on some Cold War pseudo-historical stuff (Winter of '79, if you're interested, think VBCW in the late 70's) to cleanse my palate, as it were. If I get really into it, I might create a separate blog for it, but not sure at the moment, I might get bored of painting dpm very quickly!

See you all soon!