Wednesday 17 September 2014

I've not been entirely idle...

Here's a small taster of something I've been working on...

It's the fortified monastery of the cult of St Sigmar At The Crossroads, a small, obscure Sigmarite cult based on the coast, in the sparsely populated Nordland Province of the Empire.

My plan is to create a small, isolated town, 'Altheim', with it's assorted inhabitants and characters. Mainly to give my friend Andy a target for his Norscan Warband to attempt to raid, but also as an project to get me back into wargaming after the bad taste it's left me with recently, as the character models are all single figures that I can paint up as the mood takes me, with only a few larger units. (the Town militia, mainly, and possibly a unit of warrior knights holed up in a coastal fort).

The village buildings themselves are more of a large project, but at least I've made a start on it.

So, there you go.