Monday 30 March 2020

A Quick Slaaneshi Warband!

Well, I'm still slogging away at the Altheim table, but I'm taking regular breaks from it to stop myself getting bored and giving up! In my most recent break I managed to dig through the leadpile and paint up a quick Slaaneshi warband over the last day, as you can see here:

The gang prepare to defend their Chaos Temple

Dechala, surrounded by her followers.

These are really out of my comfort zone, colour-wise. If you're a regular reader you'll know that I tend to go with dark, dingy looking colours, but these are really quite bright, at least by my standards!

As usual there's a whole load more photos after the cut, if you're so inclined...

Monday 23 March 2020

Altheim: Part 5 - The Watch House

Another day, another finished building! This time it's the home of the Altheim Watch:

The Altheim Watch House, with the Watch on parade outside.

As well as the house, I've also repurposed some old F4 Mercenaries a I painted up a long time ago to act as the Watch themselves.

If you want to see and know more, it's all after the cut...

Sunday 22 March 2020

Altheim: Part 4 - Bill Stickers Was Innocent!

As you may have seen from my previous builds, I like to use posters on my scenery to make it look a bit more 'real' and 'lived in'. So far I've been mainly using the old ones that came with in the 'Warhammer Townscape' book, but I didn't want to keep repeating them, so I've decided to make my own. If you want them, there's a link further down in this post, but here's a quick shot to show you what they look like:

More info (and the file) after the cut....

Wednesday 11 March 2020

A Quick Tutorial: Books!

After my last post showing Leopold's bookshop, I've had a few people ask me how I made the books themselves. Rather than repeat myself, or post it somewhere very few people would see it, I thought I'd put up a quick tutorial as they're quick and easy to do, and I like to think they give a good result:

Leopold, with his private stash...

So, if you're interested, details are after the cut...

Monday 9 March 2020

The City of Altheim: Part Three - Leopold's Rare Book Emporium

Veering back to Warhammer after my recent Saga-related excursions, I've managed to finish an Altheim character and his home for you to take a look at: This time it's Leopold Kochenheim, owner of Leopold Kochenheim's Rare Book Emporium.

Leopold, in front of his shop/home.

More photos and background after the cut...