Wednesday 18 December 2019

A new post on an old project; Or Altheim, the return!

So, a project I started a long time ago (way back in 2014, when I had a job, career prospects and a working spine!) has finally risen back to the top of the pile, spurred on by a bunch of models I recently purchased. Altheim has made a comeback!

My 'Altheim' project was originally just a basic plan to remake all of the original cardboard buildings in the 'Warhammer Townscape' book as proper, detailed scratchbuilt models, but eventually morphed to become a plan to build a gaming table of a small working walled town, complete with inhabitants. I got a fair way into it, (hereherehere and here) then, like most of my grand plans, it stalled and I moved on to something else. But here we are, back again, so here's a small recap after the break...