Thursday 24 December 2015

Still not a huge amount to report...

We're currently in the midst of lots of house renovation, and the games room is full of tat from the rest of the house, so painting is out of the question at the moment.

However, I just thought I'd wish you all a merry Christmas!. Also, so does Remington De'Ath, one of Queen Victoria's Special Agents, and Captain Spade of 'The Nemesis', one of Her Majesty's new and secret submarines.

In other words, I've got vaguely into Victorian Pulp gaming, so here's a sub and a couple of models to tide you over until the new year, when hopefully I'll be able to get back into the Games room and the painting desk.

Hope you all have a happy Christmas, and you New Year is full of painting and gaming!

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Nothing much to report at the moment, so have some Halflings!

So here's something a little older that I've only just got around to photographing. Ladies and gentlefolk, I give you 'Lil Bandit', the pride of my Halfling ally contingent's Mechanised Infantry, or at least it's the current pride, until the Landship 'Admiral Battenberg' is finally launched (that's been sat on my workbench for several years now!)

More after the cut...

Monday 7 September 2015

The bargains are out there... Some thoughts about eBay.

As I'm sure some of you may have gathered from this blog, I'm somewhat of a hoarder of figures, games and scenery, and so as part of this, I obsessively search eBay on pretty much a daily basis. As well as the usual stuff I'm always on the lookout for (WFB/40k Slann, RT Imperial Guard, and that bloody Eldar Trader from the Adventurers range!) *EDIT* Just realised I finally bought the Trader the other week!, I also keep an eye on the ending (non BIN) listings, for 'bargains' that are too good to resist. It was because of this I chanced across the following three listings, all from the same seller:

Bargains after the cut:

Tuesday 1 September 2015

All hail President Kitenge! (or a couple more feral pics)

Not really been up to much, wargaming-wise, recently, but here's President Kitenge, leader of my Feral Militia, along with N'Gungo, his trusted, yet unstable Psychic advisor.

More pics after the break:

Friday 31 July 2015

A Rogue Trader 40k Scenario - Cereal Killers From Planet RTB01

I thought I'd put up the details for the participation game that Gadge and Andy (Of Tales From The Maelstrom) and myself put together and demo'ed for a Rogue Trader day a few years ago. It's designed from 2-7 players, along with a GM. 
Hopefully there's enough info here for anyone to play this game, or one based on it, but here's a few photos of the game in action, to start with: 

Setting up the table, and getting ready:

The main opposing forces advance on each other:

Eldar war-droids encounter vicious local fauna:

Governor Kellogs PDF army, preparing to put up a fight:

...and getting one:

If you want to run this game in any way, all the details are after the cut:

Monday 6 July 2015

Only Fools and Ambulls... or: Market stalls, a handy how-to guide.

As part of my ongoing Port Imperiale project, I wanted to build a bustling marketplace for contraband as a centrepiece for the settlement. I wanted it to basically be a sci-fi version of a mediaeval market, so it needs to be chaotic, and above all, look crowded and busy.

I was going to buy some of the many laser-cut mdf offerings, but decided to have a look through my bits boxes and see if I could scratchbuild anything easily. It was then that I found something that made it very easy indeed.

Tuesday 23 June 2015

++ Battle Report - Incident at Actaia Majora ++

++ JMC Survey/Incident Report - Location - Actaia Majora - Date - 342940.M41 ++

Following an extended delay due to warp storms, the Long Range Survey ship 'Ari Knörr' finally arrived in orbit around our initial target, Actaia Majora. Initial orbital surveys proved disappointing, with no rare elements, profitworthy ores, or potential acquisitions to be made.

Report continues after the break...

Thursday 18 June 2015

Jamakeer Mining Corporation Long Range Survey Team 'Opila'

Again, something else completed! 

This time it's the completed survey team for my Squat Army, some of whom will be seeing service in our Inquisimunda campaign. When used in Rogue Trader, these guys will be used as the HQ, as well as a scout squad, and also a couple of specialists. 

More pics after the cut...

Monday 15 June 2015

Have you got the squats? No, it's just the cut of these trousers.

Blimey, nearly a month without a post, I'd better rectify that, so have some squats:

I've not been able to get much done recently due to my spine recently deciding it didn't want to be a spine anymore, so I couldn't actually sit at my work desk and paint without it going into spasm and hurting a lot. I've just about managed to get back and able to do some painting in short sessions, so here's some of my Squat Void pirates.

More pics after the cut, if hairy midgets interest you...

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Ferals on the rampage!

So, this is what I've been up to over the last few weeks since my last post, and it's been a bit of a grind, to say the least. Batch painting is my least favourite type of painting, it's dull, repetitive and soulless, but I'm over the mountain, and there are just a few details to tidy up, so here you go: 

More pics after the cut...

Wednesday 1 April 2015

So, I broke two personal rules today...

The first rule being I never buy anything pre-slotta. Ever. My primary collecting habits are Citadel between 1985 and 1991, so that's all slotta-based stuff. It's a short and slippery slope to buying piles of old chod that looks like lumps of rancid turd. Yes, there were some good sculptors working in the pre-slotta era, but there was an awful lot of 'that'll do' going around at the time. I like a certain naivety about my sculpts, I collect Citadel stuff after all, but there's a big leap from 'charm' to 'what the hell is that meant to be?' that I spot far too often in the darker recesses of the Citadel back-catalogue.

The second personal rule being I don't buy complete ranges in one go. To a certain degree it kind of spoils the fun of the chase, which is part of the attraction of collecting Citadel figures for me. Also, I'm not a range completist at all, I buy figures to suit the armies I'm creating at the time. 

So, having broken those two rules, these are what turned up in the post today:

More after the cut:

Monday 23 March 2015

More denizens of the Port...

A bit more background to the inhabitants of Port Imperiale, this time. I'd like to introduce you all to Captain Jerry 'Lucky' LaVarr (Retd), owner of Lucky's Bar, with one of his 'liberated' Regimental Killbots, 'Itchy', which serves as his bouncer:

More after the cut...

Friday 20 March 2015

The HIL Sector Blues...

I've been on a bit of a Necromunda binge recently, Having painted up a gang of Eschers the other week, and now I've just finished a team of Enforcers, that I've called the HIL Sector Blues, in homage to the classic Paranoia RPG Campaign, and in turn, Hill St Blues, the TV series they nicked the name from!

More pics after the cut:

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Sorry for the lack of updates...

But there's been a bit of an upheaval in the force. Or more accurately, I've spent the last couple of weeks rearranging the house, and creating a hobby/gaming room, as previously, most of my stuff was spread over several rooms. Here's a view of the painting area side:

More room pics (and some Eschers!) after the cut...

Monday 23 February 2015

Something is Rotten in Research Facility W/Y-U74N1...




Friday 20 February 2015

Feral Worlder WIP update.

So, here's a representative group of my Feral worlders that I've been working on. These are a real mish-mash of stuff, but mainly as follows: Perry Mahdists bodies and arms, Westwind Weird War 2 German gas mask heads, Warlord WW2 German equipment, Rogue Trader/Necromunda era weapons and with a few Vic minis bits for the officers. 

As you can see, I've got quite a few of the buggers to paint, which leads me on to a question: How would you guys suggest I paint 'em? I'm probably going to go with an African skin tone, to match the Ferals I've done already (Who I can now use as scouts.)

As there are 40 of them to paint up, I need ideas for a colour scheme that would look impressive, but be fairly quick to do. I toyed with the idea of SS oakleaf camo, as they're all wearing baggy smock-like clothing (and it would match the German kit), but that might be a bit too busy for me to do a: quickly, and b: well, so I'm appealing to the hive-mind.

Any thoughts?

Thursday 22 January 2015

Feral Worlders, continued...

Here's a few more photos of the Feral Worlders I've been painting up recently. Not sure why, I should be working on my 40k Slann, but I felt like a change, and now I appear to have made a start on yet another new army...

A squad of Ferals defending their territory from an Ork slaving party.

More photos after the cut...

Saturday 10 January 2015

A little Games Workshop history...

Here's a bit of a rarity I've picked up recently, a small part of GW history all the way back from when I was working there. It's a rather hefty Terminator shoulder pad belt buckle, in solid brass, and not to be confused with the much more recent 'Bulldog Buckles' pot-metal crap.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Psst, wanna see something heretical? (Or Space Slann, continued.) Oh, and some unrelated Feral Worlders.

So, judging by the amount of traffic the last post generated, either you guys  like Space Slann, or were all *really* bored over the xmas period. I'm going to be generous and assume the former, and so present the next unit in my Space Slann Warband...