Tuesday 17 March 2015

Sorry for the lack of updates...

But there's been a bit of an upheaval in the force. Or more accurately, I've spent the last couple of weeks rearranging the house, and creating a hobby/gaming room, as previously, most of my stuff was spread over several rooms. Here's a view of the painting area side:

More room pics (and some Eschers!) after the cut...

As well as old games, I also collect old books, and also old firearms and militaria, so I've had to squeeze quite a lot into the one room!

Oh, and old radio gear as well. Most of it is boxed away, but that's an old WW2 'Naafi' PCR1 receiver, that still works nicely. I can use it to listen to random LW broadcasts and pretend I'm still in the 1940's.

And yes, that is a landmine.There's another under the desk, that works great as a footrest. I just have to remember not to press down too hard on it...

Go on then, what can you spot?

The small desk is ideal for smaller, skirmish games, but there are also two full size trestles (not shown) that mean I can put on full size games in the centre of the room, and leave them set up for longer games.

The only thing I haven't had room to put in is the display cabinets, which are elsewhere in the house.

So there you go, you wouldn't believe how much effort that took. For a start, the painting desk, shelves, and all of the books were downstairs, so I've had to move everything up here, which was knackering!

In celebration of actually getting the desk in and sorted, I did manage to blitz through some Necromunda Eschers for an upcoming campaign, so I'll finish with a quick photo of them:

The leader is actually one of the old Sisters of Battle models (Canoness?), along with a pair of Death Cult Assassins as her bodyguards. They're only quick n' dirty tabletop standard, but quite fun to paint up!


  1. Due to the masisve amount of jealousy created by the pictures of your mancave, I am just going to comment on the eschers. They look great and mixing in those cultists and inquisitor was a hell of a good idea.

  2. A Mauser, Nagant and Enfield, you just need one more and you'll have all the major players.

  3. Hi!

    Thats a fantastic mancave you have put together there!

    The Escher gang is looking really great too and the addition of the Sisters of Battle figures really rounds it out nicely!

    All the best!