Tuesday 23 June 2015

++ Battle Report - Incident at Actaia Majora ++

++ JMC Survey/Incident Report - Location - Actaia Majora - Date - 342940.M41 ++

Following an extended delay due to warp storms, the Long Range Survey ship 'Ari Knörr' finally arrived in orbit around our initial target, Actaia Majora. Initial orbital surveys proved disappointing, with no rare elements, profitworthy ores, or potential acquisitions to be made.

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Thursday 18 June 2015

Jamakeer Mining Corporation Long Range Survey Team 'Opila'

Again, something else completed! 

This time it's the completed survey team for my Squat Army, some of whom will be seeing service in our Inquisimunda campaign. When used in Rogue Trader, these guys will be used as the HQ, as well as a scout squad, and also a couple of specialists. 

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Monday 15 June 2015

Have you got the squats? No, it's just the cut of these trousers.

Blimey, nearly a month without a post, I'd better rectify that, so have some squats:

I've not been able to get much done recently due to my spine recently deciding it didn't want to be a spine anymore, so I couldn't actually sit at my work desk and paint without it going into spasm and hurting a lot. I've just about managed to get back and able to do some painting in short sessions, so here's some of my Squat Void pirates.

More pics after the cut, if hairy midgets interest you...