Saturday 5 November 2022

The D'Oberoc Company, a Nordland Mercenary warband.

So, it's been a bit of a dry spell on the painting front, as summer tends to get in the way of sitting inside all day and painting, but I've finally finished a small(ish) warband project I've been working on occasionally for a while now.

This time it's another project tangentially related to my Altheim project. Altheim is based in Nordland, and so these guys are a small mercenary warband based in Nordland, the D'oberoc Company

The D'Oberocs mustering their company on the main Altheim square

More photos after the cut...

The D'Oberocs mustering their company on the main Altheim square

The D'Oberoc Company are led by the D'Oberoc brothers, Lando and Till, a pair of displaced minor nobles. They operate in Nordland, primarily being hired by cities such as Altheim to keep the roads free of bandits and other, more dangerous problems. 

Lando and Till D'Oberoc

After losing their ancestral lands several generations ago due to a nefarious plot, the D'Oberoc family ended up residing in their small mansion in Altheim, and have to earn their living these days by running a mercenary company. 

To help them in their work, the D'Oberocs have retained the services of a wizard, Johann Dei. Johann was a former tutor of the D'Oberocs, who maintained his friendship with them and accompanies them in their work. 

Johann Dei and his mechanical flying contrivance. 

As well as his magical powers, he has a flying 'Mechanical Contrivance' to help him. The result of his own magical powers combined with dwarvish engineering, it can fly high above the Nordland forests and allows him to see through its 'eyes'. This allows the company to sneak up on any potential bandit camps without them knowing. 

The main strength of the company are two units of infantry, each commanded by one of the brothers. The company is happy to accept soldiers from any race or sex as long as they are competent and experienced, and to that end there are several dwarven members, a few female soldiers and even a halfling! 

The first unit are Lando's Zweihanders, all of whom are armed with two-handed weapons of one sort or other:

The other unit are Till's Swordsmen. Armed with a hand weapon and a company supplied shield, they make up the veterans of the company, and are tasked with protecting the company colours. 

As well as their two units of militia, they also have the help of 'The Twins', consisting of Dale, a former shepherd and Chep, an ogre. 

Dale was previously a member of the company before being badly injured during a battle and invalided out to a D'Oberoc farm to look after the livestock. Tending his sheep near the forest, he found an ogre wandering in the woods, dazed and badly injured. He nursed him back to health and in return Chep is incredibly protective over Dale and does whatever he asks. 

Sensing a way to return to the company, Dale spoke to the Brothers, and after some discussion and a few trials, the pair now work with the company, with Chep providing heavy support under Dale's instructions.

So, there you have another small project finished! I really enjoyed these guys, and I have a couple of small units to add to them at some point when I get those finished. This was really just a project to paint up all the fun old Citadel Fighter models I've had knocking around in the bits box forever, I originally only meant to do a small Mordheim warband, but the whole thing got a bit out of control! 


  1. They look excellent, and the old models fit together really well as a unit. I love that old ogre miniature! The city is great too. Can I ask what you used for the pavement?

    1. Thanks! The roads are all individually laid plaster cobbles, you can see more here:

    2. Thanks - they look very good. It's time I upgraded from a battlemat, so I might have a go at something similar!

  2. Oh, I wouldn't call this a small project!! What a magnificent job!

  3. Smashing colours. I'd be hard pressed not to hire this highly presentable lot to cleanse our treacherous roads. The gate house in the background looks fantastic as well.

  4. Absolutely fantastic! Love the coloring! Love the selection of models! Brilliant!