Thursday 10 February 2022

Ash Wastes Nomads Exploration Vehicle.

 As you can probably tell by the gap between updates, I'm not getting as much painting done as I really want to at the moment, but i did manage to get a vehicle finished after seeing the rumours about the Ash Wastes getting some treatment in Necromunda:

this is a follow on from my previous Ash Wastes Nomads post, so they have the start of a vehicle convoy to allow them easier travel through the wastelands. 

Not only that, but they now have a mysterious guide, Carl, but more of him later...

As usual, more pics after the cut...

So, the Exploration vehicle: 

This is a bit of a cut'n'shut, it's the front of a Taurox mated to a 40k storage container, with a set of cut down Chimera tracks under it. The front tracks are from the crane/loader set that GW put out a few years ago. Other than that it's just got the entire bits box stuck to it, to make it look both ramshackle but meaningful, like it's been built up over many years. I also went overboard with the rust and weathering powders, to represent how the air in the Ash Wastes can be incredibly corrosive. 

Here's a shot with my Nomad gang alongside, as well as a trailer I made for the vehicle, so they can carry even more spoils back from the wastes:

Ever since I playtested the original 'Confrontation' rules back in '91, my heart has always been in the Ash Wastes. Although I like the claustrophobic built-up environment of the hive, it's always been the lesser covered areas of the fluff that have interested me, like the lowest levels of the Sump, the access areas between the Hive and the outside world, and of course, the Ash Wastes. There's something about that corrosive desert that always captures my interest, so I feel that this is an area I'll almost certainly come back to in regard to terrain building and painting. 

I already have some plans for an Ash Wastes trading settlement, where the entire settlement is mobile, each building being a vehicle in it's own right, but based around a large, central marketplace crawler vehicle with a huge beacon to let potential traders know where it's currently located.  

As well as the vehicle, there's also Carl the Ash Wastes 'Zone Tripper', and his Mark XIII servoskull...

...but more about him in the next post, which you can find *here*



  1. That's a great conversion! It looks really suited to the ash wastes: not too showy, but very customised and well-equipped. I love the zone tripper and his servo-skull too. He's clearly got the hardware for the battle-fields, so to speak...

  2. Love it, but then I’ve always had a soft spot for the riffraff and the wilder fringes.

    More of this sort of stuff, please,

  3. The ash wastes are very evocative and very sketchily discussed. There is both fear and hope of the treatment they may receive in the near future.

  4. Very cool. The Ash Wastes has always been a great setting - hopefully they don't go full overkill with it like they have with Heresy.