Friday 13 September 2013

So, what have I been up to recently?

Marines, mainly....

Been a bit quiet on the Port Imperiale front, recently, mainly because as well as spending a lot of free time renovating an old house, I've also been challenged to put together a Horus Heresy Army for a bit of a 30k narrative campaign by the boys.

I've decided to go for traitor Death Guard, as most of my other Chaos stuff is Nurgle based, so I can fit this lot into any future 40k Plague Marine armies I might eventually get finished.

Figure-wise, I've gone for a mix of original RT marines, and newer Forgeworld stuff, where possible, with some conversions based on newer GW models.

I'm really liking the new Horus Heresy range that FW are putting out, there are some nice takes on the old RT ranges, but the cost is rather prohibitive, especially when I'm spending all my spare cash on plasterers and building materials...

Anyway, what have I done so far? Most of these are WIPs, and in various states of finish, but I thought I'd put up a progress report, just to prove I've been up to something...

More after the cut...

Mortarion - Legion Primarch:

Based on a Terminator Chaplain model, and converted slightly, along with some wings that I think were from a GW Harpy at some point. The poison globes and breathing tubes were added on, and the scythe made from a Force Halberd. 

Legion Praetor:

Another WIP, This time based on an old RT Inquisitor model, with the insignia removed. All of my Death Guard are very heavily weathered, battle damaged, and in this guy's case, injured.

Cataphractii Terminator:

One of the Forge World models I've picked up, I've a squad of five of these to do, but only got this guy painted up so far, as a test scheme. I kind of cheated with these, as the weapon choices are a separate purchase, so I got them without weapons, and used some plastic 40k Terminator weapons I had knocking around instead. Certainly saved some money, and unless you know what you're looking for, not really noticeable. the Flamer on this guy is a veteran accessory, I believe. It was in the bits box.

Space Marine Squads:

I've almost finished 2 squads of these now, one standard squad, and one close combat assault squad. These are all original RT Marines that I've had knocking around for years with no reason to paint, so it's nice that I've eventually gotten around to using them for something productive.

Next up to do: 

I've got another two squads of RTB01 plastic beaky Marines to paint up, a couple of RT rhinos and an original Land Raider to get done next, as well as a FW Marine squad with Flight packs to assemble and paint. I've also got some modern finecast veteran Marines that I think will convert well to HH era models with some work.

I need to get hold of a few more terminators, some more RT metal marines, and a few more character models to complete the army, but hopelfully that won't cost too much overall!

So, there you go, that's what I've been up to!


  1. Nice work on these - I love beaky marines, but the colour scheme is very subtly done indeed

  2. They look nice and battle worn, good stuff.

    Nice work on the Inquisitor model's face especially. Good idea with the Forgeworld Termie and the weapons - I would not have copped it if you had not said so.

  3. Lovely painting, especially the weathering. I like the way you've added gold into the colour scheme. I look forward to seeing what you do next

  4. Rogue Trader Models....Horus Heresy Battles!
    I think I'm slightly aroused by this.

    Fantastic paint jobs on all of them; the weathering works a treat! My mate is looking to do a HH Deathguard army so I'll point him in the direction of your blog for some inspiration if you don't mind good sir.

    I got a load of the Old Armour Marks from Forgeworld a while back (before I deployed to Afghanistan) but for some reason have ended up painiting them as second founding flesh Tearers. I don't know why; I just fancied it! But having seen your beautiful painting I now feel the urge to paint the rest as HH models...maybe Sons of Horus/Luna Wolves.

    I do own a large(ish) force of RT models; but I have painted them as Salamanders; though I suppose with HH Book 2: Massacre (which I have pre-ordered) coming out then I will be able to use them as the original legion for WH30K battles.

    My blogs at
    If you fancy stopping by! Once again well done on the awesome models! I look forward to seeing a battle report!

  5. This is quite amazing. Great work!