Monday 28 October 2013

Raiders of the Lost Skip!

Something different, a bit of history for you, this time!

There's been some discussion recently on the rather awesome blog about the rather sad fate of a whole lot of unique artwork and goodies that were trashed in the the move of the design studio from Enfield Chambers to Castle Boulevard in about 1991. Specifically, in the comments, here.

I was in the (un)fortunate position of being a Mail Order Troll back in the day. We basically got all the menial jobs that the artistic talent didn't want to do, and the casters were too ham-fisted to do. During the move, a bunch of us got tasked into box-moving, van-driving and assorted manual labour, shuttling boxes of stuff between buildings. At the end of the move, there was an empty, sad looking former design studio, and a rather large and full skip sat outside it. With us trolls being a rather feral lot, we obtained permission from management to go and rifle through said skip, with a view to nabbing off with some goodies. Remember, this is years before eBay, we just wanted unreleased stuff and figures for gaming, rather than going through it with an eye for profit.

Tragically, as it had rained, most, if not all of the artwork in there, from *all* of the major GW artists at the time, not just Gary's work, was ruined, but in amongst the banana peels, broken furniture and lots of empty beer cans (I kid you not!) were a few gems. One of them was this:

Which, the *very* astute of you might notice, is some of the scenery from the now legendary Realms of Chaos 'Slaves To Darkness' Book.

In fact, if you look closely, you can spot it on the far left of this pic, from the StD book:

Originally, my manager at the time said he believed it was made by John Blanche, but after some research, it's looking more like it was made by Jamie Sims. Either way, it's a great little piece.

The box actually contained all of the scenery featured in the book, just tossed away, unwanted. I managed to rescue it, pretty much undamaged, and used it in many a battle, until I left the hobby.

In a complete fit of idiocy sold my entire collection in the late 90's, when I was rather short of money and needed to buy a house. These last two bits were in a box that got missed, and are now on display at home.

Of course, if I'd waited for the age of eBay, I could have probably purchased a much larger house, as my collection contained vast amounts of rare and unreleased lead. I've since spent the last decade or so glued to eBay, paying stupid amounts of money for things I used to own.

Ah well!


  1. A bit of a heartbreaking story but nice that at least of a few things have survived. I am starting up building terrain to my chaos army and these surviving pieces gave me some ideas - thanks!

    Do you know who bought your stuff in the 90's and if they have survived?


  2. Hi Hans, it went to a private collector in Ireland, from memory. Sadly I don't have their contact details anymore.