Sunday 10 September 2017

Only Fools & Beastmen: Jamakeer Guard update.

 The VI (Penal) Company of the Jamakeer Guard

So, for the latest update to the guard, I've managed to finish off the VI (Penal) Company. There are five platoons in total, led (or more accurately intimidated!) by a Commissar.

More pics and photos after the cut...

To start with, here's Commissar Johan Reisman, defacto Commander of the VI Company:

Commissar Johan Reisman, Leader of VI Company

'A' Platoon are made up of members of the Jamakeer Guard convicted of crimes in service. Rather than prison, convicts that aren't immediately executed are placed in the Penal Company, with the possibility of redemption and eventual return to the ranks.

Getting used for everything from latrine digging duty, to suicidal charges to involuntary mine clearance, the number of convicts in 'A' Platoon varies regularly. At the moment they run to 12 men, and so are (unsurprisingly) called the 'Dirty Dozen'.

 Reisman and the 'Dirty Dozen'

Close up of 'A' Platoon, Brick 1, led by Cpl Franko in Human Bomb Chest Rig. 

Close up of 'A' Platoon, Brick 2, led by Cpl Wladislaw in Human Bomb Chest Rig. 

Model-wise, these are all original Rogue Trader sculpts, albeit with Victoria Miniatures arms, which I far prefer over the originals. 

Next up is 'B' Platoon. Whilst not criminals as such, as Abhumans, the beastmen that make up 'B' Platoon are illegal by their very existence in the eyes of the Imperium, and so have been incorporated into the Penal Company. 

Slightly less straightforward cannon-fodder than 'A" platoon, they are split into 3 bricks of five and even have heavy weapons support. 

 'B' Platoon en masse

 'B' Platoon, Brick 1 with Heavy Flamer support

 'B' Platoon, Brick 2 with Grenade Launcher support 

 'B' Platoon, Brick 3 With Heavy Plasma support 

Model-wise, these are Victoria Miniatures arms, bodies and heads, matched to GW Tau legs, along with three original RT-Era beastmen Troops as the leaders.

So, that's a complete Company done now, hope you like 'em!


  1. Indeed I do like them. There are some of those Victoria miniatures I'd much like to acquire one of these days. Very nice Mr. von Himmel. Well played. And a very nice story to go with them.

  2. Superb mate, love those VM trenchers!!

  3. Impressive, the orange suits really make them stand from te hothers while fitting with the blue nicely. Well done.

    1. Cheers, I wanted to make them look like they were wearing prison jumpsuits, think it worked well.

  4. Terrific work, seriously, I love all of them!

  5. Great work. I'm going to check out the Victoria arms as an alternative to the standard plastic arms as I am finding they lead to lots of awkward poses with locked elbows. Guard end up looking like they're in traction.

    1. Yeah, I really do hate the original plastic arms, I try to avoid using them at all. Having said that, I do have a soft spot for the stick-lasguns.

  6. This company looks brilliant, makes me want to play rogue trader again!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I really like all of these!

  8. So gorgeous! And that human bomb! Sigh... that brings back good memories of the 40K games of my wasted youth.