Friday 13 September 2019

The Rogue Trader Bestiary Part 7: The Razorwing

I've had a bit of a break from my bestiary project, but a current Facebook competition has rekindled it a bit. This time it's a creature that's never had a model made for it, as far as I'm aware, the Razorwing:

More pics after the cut...

So, this is the fluff and the illustration from the original RT rulebook:

As you can see, the Razorwing is a generic term for a large, bird-like animal with a bony, serrated edge to their wings. 

This particular specimen is from the planet of Nu-Veega, and is a unusually large variant of the type.The Nu-Veegan Blue Razorwing can be found hunting amongst the arboreal mountainous fjords of the planet, and as well as being a vicious killer, also occasionally escapes captivity or being prey by feigning it's own death

The model itself is based on the old Citadel ME84 Great Eagle from the original LotR range. I swapped the wings out for a random pair of larger, unknown metal ones I found in the bits box, and added the razor edge with green stuff.

I quite like the movement implied by the base, it worked out rather well I think. Anyway, there you go, the next instalment in my project. 

Links to the Bestiary So Far: 


  1. Great work, and you are right the movement works really well. If you had used a different support the figure would have been more generic, but helpfully you show it is living in a technological era with the field generator.

  2. Excellent conversion! And I'm doubly happy to see you getting back to the Bestiary.

  3. Great stuff. So much the like about it. The bony wing edge, the dynamic pose and the paint job. I'll echo Jeff and say it's awesome to see more work on the bestiary.

  4. Nice work! He's like a better version of the bird-things they released for Warcry.

  5. Fantastic. I like your take on this one. I find this whole project fascinating.

  6. Hi - Found your stuff via Keith at Versatile Terrain. I just wondered if you were aware of YakTribe? We’ve got an event planned for next year in Newark in March and I wondered if you’d be interested in attending?

    1. Hi, thanks for the thought, but I'm not that into competitive gaming with strangers, so it's not really my sort of thing. Looks like it should be a fun event though, have fun!