Wednesday 22 May 2013

A long time WIP: Ogryn mercs.

So, I actually started work on these back when the WFB Ogre plastics were fairly newly released, but now I've got some of my long-lost  paintin' and modellin' mojo back, I might actually get around to painting the buggers.

My take on Ogryns

In my version of the RT universe, Ogryns are a little more intelligent than they are in the 40k canon, meaning that they're able to use half-decent tech, rather than just being the dumb lumps of close combat cannon-fodder than they usually end up as in standard IG armies. These guys have decided to jump ship from the Imperial Guard, and have formed their own muscle for hire mercenary unit, based out of Port Imperiale. Usually working for Pirate bands, their massive amount of firepower makes them very dangerous, if a little chaotic thanks to their low overall skills. (Hey, I said they were a little more intelligent, not unstoppable killing machines!) They're entirely capable of taking out enemy armour, thanks to a plethora of salvaged vehicle mounted weapons.

More info and pics...

The models themselves have been modified with Greenstuff and a random selection of Imperial Guard, Space Marine, Ork and vehicle bits.


This guy's been augmented with a cybernetic eye, and has a plate in his head that shows he's had his mental faculties enhanced. It's probably the reason he chose to desert the Guard, once he was out of Imperium space proper, his potential lifespan increased dramatically, even working as pirate muscle.

Heavy Gunner

Utilising a large, belt-fed heavy bolter salvaged from a Tank, with an improvised bayonet on the end, this guy packs a hell of a punch.


Another guy with a heavy weapon ripped from a vehicle, this time a lascannon.


One of the most unpredictable troops in the unit, this psycho has a jury-rigged flamer attached to a barrel of some lethal cocktail strapped to him. The apron is fireproof, and just about stops him incinerating himself every time he opens fire, along with a can of extra fuel to throw at enemies for an extra 'boom' if needed.  

Missile Launcher

Probably the most dangerous member, This guy's ripped a pod mounted missile launcher from a Tank, and is using it in an entirely unauthorised shoulder mounted configuration, along with a couple of spare missiles, and a shotgun for when he runs out. 

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