Tuesday 4 July 2017

Jamakeer Guard (Again!) Here come the bikers...

Another small update, this time 'V' Company, 'C' Platoon (Cavalry) on Vincent Blackshadow bikes.

More after the cut...

So, this is another cavalry/fast attack unit, again veterans with an assortment of weapons as well as the twin-linked bolters on the bikes. The Combination unit has a multi-laser mounted instead of the standard Multi-melta, mainly because I like the way it looks like a Gatling Gun.

I've tried to give these some dynamic poses whilst still making it look like they're riding the bikes. As it turns out, that's quite tricky, as the bikes are obviously built for Space Marine Proportions, so the handlebars are miles away from the seat. I've also not done the insignia yet as I'm still designing the decals for the whole army that I'll custom print and apply later.

The observant will also notice some of them are also fitted with stirrups. Sadly I didn't have enough IG motorbike legs, so I've gone with Vic's cavalry legs on most of them, and really couldn't be bothered to carve off the stirrups off the boots.

Incidentally, There were two variants for the handlebar unit on the bike, an earlier rounder one with the bars (as shown above), and a later version, (presumably the first version was a bugger to cast). I didn't have enough of them, so about four of the ones above are press-moulded using a two-part Siligum mould. I must say, they've turned out quite well, apart from a very slight loss of detail, they're pretty difficult to tell from the originals.

So, there you go, yet another unit done, bar the insignia!

Now to do some more basic infantry I think!


  1. These are great. This is the first time I've ever seen that many Imperial Army on bikes. They look great en masse.

    A lot of bikes in 40K have the annoying deign flaw that people can only reach the handlebars if they have their arms at full extension – how do people steer? You've managed to do a whole unit without any cop out of riders with both their hands off.

  2. I love those old Vincent Blackshadows. And that is an impressive squad, good job!

  3. Gorgeous. I love the coherent, solid blue tones and the way they all look. Marvellous!

  4. I really like the dark colour scheme!