Wednesday 19 July 2017

The 'Speedo Ghost' Arvus Class Light Cargo Hauler.

As a quick break from painting up lots of things primarily in blue, I thought I'd finish off this Forgeworld Arvus Shuttle I received as a gift last year, and I've had sat undercoated on the painting desk in the queue since then.

So, I'd like to introduce you to the 'Speedo Ghost', a small Sub-Orbital Light Cargo Hauler owned and operated by the Ace Trucking Co, an Independent unit operating out of Port Imperiale.

More info and photos after the cut...

Being a small shuttle, it's primary use is ferrying small, high-value cargo and passengers from the surface up to waiting freighters. As it's too small to have heavy duty shields, it shows the damaging effects of the corrosive dust in Jamakeer's atmosphere.

The transfers are some that I designed a while ago when I did the decals for the 'Pride of Jamakeer', and obviously based on the old 2000AD Comic strip. To show it's age, and the effects of atmospheric damage, I really went overboard with the weathering, drybrushing and oil effects on this one.

Unusually for me, I went with clear cockpit glass, mainly as the model came with a really nice pilot model. In fact it's just a really nice model all round, it's unusual to have what is in effect a civilian vehicle from GW, which saved me the effort of demilitarising it.

Anyway, have a bunch more different angles of it...

Right, back to painting things blue...


  1. Wonderful. I love the model itself, but the work you did here is outstanding. Bravo!

  2. By far my favorite Forgeworld model, and you have more than done it justice. The custom labels and the heavy weathering really elevate this from "game peice" to "model", where you can imagine that this is a real vehicle somewhere (likely where physics are different)

  3. This is wonderfully done, also you get bonus points from the flashback I got from the Ace Trucking reference.

  4. That is brilliant! The vehcile just tells it's own back story.

    I love the nod to the old 2000AD stories.

  5. The weathering on that shuttle is fan-frikken-tastic mate. I too really appreciate the 2000AD link. Been eyeing one of them for a long time...

  6. That is superb!The weathering is a great way of making a scifi vehicle look real.

  7. Absolutely lovely!! I have one of these in my lead like waiting to be painted!!!